VIA Rail Supports Shorty Jenkins with Voucher

VIA Rail Supports Shorty Jenkins with Vouchers
As part of the major sponsorship that Via provides for the Shorty Jenkins Classic, they provide us a limited number of Via rail vouchers in denominations of $750.00 that can be used for via travel. Multiple trips or trips with multiple people can be booked with this voucher. We are selling them to members of the Cornwall Curling Centre at half price, the proceeds go to the success of the Shorty event.”
The Vouchers have arrived!
· We are selling the vouchers at ½ price=$375
· Same conditions as last year
1. Travel between Feb 15/18 to Feb 15/19
2. Credits are non-transferable or redeemable for cash
3. Tickets must be booked with VIA by phone or at a Station
4. Can also purchase Canrailpass or Bizpak (refer to VIA website)
Please contact either John DiLabio or Kevin Baker to purchase and for details